Giza Pyramids Dune Buggy Safari Trips From Alexandria Port

Giza Pyramids Dune Buggy Safari Trips From Alexandria Port
Shore Trips Info
Giza Pyramids Dune Buggy Safari Trips From Alexandria Port
Trip duration
Approx. 12 Hours
Starting from
  • Trip Port: Alexandria Port
  • Trip Type: Private Guided Tour
  • Trip Activity: Adventure Safari
  • Trip Schedule: Every Day

Book Alexandria Quad biking Excursions to Giza Pyramids, Cairo Dune Buggy Ride Trips From Alexandria Port. Unparalleled life experience to enjoy the stunning views of the great pyramids of Giza, Zoser step pyramid in Sakkara and the ruins of Abu sir

Tour Itinerary

Our guide will pick you up from the exit doorr of the cruise ship and drive in AC modern van for approx 3 hours to wander the wonders of the ancient world through the Dune buggy ride.

Giza Plateau; one of the most lasting prehistoric remnant in the world, where the fourth dynasty Kings erecetd the 3 large pyramids of Khufu, Khafre & Menkaure with other prominent monuments like the great Sphinx & the Valley temple. The Pyramids of Giza are the only lasting member of the original 7 Wonders of the World.

Admire the panorama of the Pyramids then visit the Great Sphinx with the head of king Chephren and lion body, also visit the Valley Temple belongs to the Pyramids of Chephren.

Move onto Saqqara with 4x4 jeep getting you inside the desert for about 15 minutes wandering the Step Pyramid iof King Zoser in Sakkarra.

then transfer to Camel Caravan for 30 minutes Camel ride to Sakkarra Country club restaurant to get the lunch meal then get the way back to Alexandria port.

Tour Includes

  • Pick up services from Alexandria Port & return
  • All transfers in private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Private English speaking tour guide
  • Entrance fees to all mentioned sites
  • Desert Jeep Adventure for about 15 minutes
  • Camel ride the Pyramids area
  • Bottled water on board vehicle during trip
  • Lunch in Sakkarra Country Club Restaurant
  • All taxes & service charge.

Shore Tripping Tips

Not Included in Giza Pyramids Dune Buggy Trip From Alexandria Port:

  • Geetting inside the small Pyramid: 06$ per person
  • Getting inside the great pyramids: 20$ per person
  • Visiting the Solar Boat Museum : 10 $ per person

Giza Pyramids Dune Buggy Trip From Alexandria Port Safety Terms:

  • Stay assured that we monitor the departure time of the cruise to return in the suitable time.
  • Entry visa to Egypt is obtainable on board cruise by the Egyptian Immigration to all passenger.
  • Security is provided equally for all tourists arriving to Egypt through cruise line or local operator.

What to Bring During Giza Pyramids Dune Buggy Trip From Alexandria Port?

  • Sunscreens or sun block for the hot sun in desert areas like Giza, Saqqare, Dahshour and Memphis.
  • Sunglasses especially in summer times.
  • Light and colorful clothing for high temperature in Cairo and Egypt in general.
  • Light and comfortable shoes if you are visiting the pyramids or desert areas.

Interesting Facts

  • Egypt Official name is the Arab republic of Egypt with recent population of about 90 millions.
  • Egypt spans across Africa & Asia. Bordered by Israel - Libya - Sudan - Mediterranean - Red Sea.
  • Mount Sinai is the highest mountain 2275 M high & the world longest Nile River ends in Egypt.
  • Egypt is a dry country as Sahara - Eastern Desert - Libyan Deserts represent most of the surface.
  • Arabic is the official language & Cairo is the capital city with the largest population of 20 million.
  • Egyptian Pound is the official currency. It is about 0.14 USD or 0.11 Euro and 0.08 British Pound.
  • Egyptians are linked to soccer as French are to wine. Al Ahly & Al Zamalek are top football teams.
  • Egypt is known for ancient civilization 3150 B.C & they made up lots of things we still use today.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed in about 2000 deities & their alphabet contained over 700 hieroglyphs!
  • Bread & beer were of top products of ancient Egypt. Christian cross is the Egyptian symbol "Ankh".
  • Ancient Egyptians believed in afterlife and the pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs & VIPs.
  • Egypt is home of Giza Pyramid the lasting Ancient World Wonder & other 130 pyramids are there.
  • Alexandria is Egypt second largest city and it is often called "The Pearl of the Mediterranean".
  • Alexandria is only 225 Km from Cairo but its heritage is slightly different from the rest of Egypt.
  • The population of Alexandria is about 5 millions and enjoy mild winter and hot summers climate.
  • Alexandria was established 331 BC by Alexander the Great as the Graeco-Roman capital of Egypt.
  • Alexandria was known learning center & its lighthouse was one of the Wonders of ancient World.
  • Alexandria today become an Egyptian commercial and maritime important center for the country.
  • Alexandria has been historically referred in E M Forster - Cavafy writings and many other writers.

Tour Price

2-3 Persons 4-6 Persons 7-10 Persons
310 (USD) 230 (USD) 235 (USD)

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